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  • Fullerton Chiropractor – Can diet soda lead to stroke? Last week we talked about stroke being the second leading cause of death and the leading cause of disability and what you can do about it.  This week we talk about how diet soda and regular soda can increase your risk of stroke.  Give a listen! Listen Read More
  • Fullerton Chiropractor – This is the second leading cause of death Worldwide If you did not know that stroke was the second leading cause of death worldwide, than you may not know it is also the leading cause of disability.  Preventing stroke may be the one of the most important health initiatives you should have.  What you need to do to prevent stroke is so simple you ... Read More
  • Fullerton Chiropractor – It is broken, and it will stay broken unless Imagine you are driving down the highway and open the car window and throw all your money away.  That is exactly what it is like to try to fix the so called healthcare system.  It simply is throwing money out the window.  Jeff Novick MS RD has a much better idea and one you are ... Read More
  • Fullerton Chiropractor – 4 Food Medicines that Can Save Your Life HealthNews of the Month Click on each headline to read the full story. New Study Shows Probiotics May Prevent ADHD And Autism Spectrum Disorders “There is a growing amount of medical research indicating that alterations in the type of bacteria that live in our gastrointestinal tract can influence brain function, mood and overall mental health.“ ... Read More
  • Fullerton Chiropractor – Do food dyes make children hyper? With so many children suffering with ADHD, one of the debates that has gone on for years is do food dyes actually make children hyper?  One side says there is no evidence they do and the other side believes they has proof positive it does.  It time to know what really is the connection.  Make ... Read More
  • Fullerton Chiropractor – A New Look At Cancer Seventy five percent of breast and colon cancer could be prevented if you have the right amount of vitamin D in your body.  If you have never heard of the Dynamite Model for cancer you definitely want to listen to this podcast.  Listen now! Listen Read More